MusicGremlin has released an mp3 Player that is wifi enabled and can let you download music from your PC or from MusicGremlin's site wirelessly. For a subscription fee of $15 a month, users are able to download unlimited tracks from MusicGremlin's library, which contains around 2 million songs. The database is actually stored on the device itself, meaning that you can set it up to download songs whilst you are away from a wireless hotspot, and the device will download the songs when you are in range. In addition to the subscription service, users can also buy individual tracks or full albums if they so desire.

Some problems have been reported with the MusicGremlin MG-1000. Most notably, intermittent wireless connection problems have been experienced by many users. The search process has also been described by some as "cumbersome", and there is a lack of automatic power down. Nevertheless, the use of wireless networking for an mp3 player is a great idea, and one that may likely catch on.