In what seems to be an eBay for ad space, a company called Right Media is starting a service that lets companies bid on advertising space. Rather than contracts setup or advertising being placed via 3rd party agencies, a company would directly bid for particular space on a particular site. Seem strange? To many, it seems fair, especially considering that the majority of online ad agencies primarily use rotating ad space that could provide unfair to some companies. "Right Media Exchange" supposedly has over $12.5 million in transactions processed monthly, so the fact that other companies with similar goals have failed over time doesn't seem to be affecting Right Media's progress.

While advertising isn't something most people particularly enjoy, it's the driving force behind the majority of "free" services and is here to stay. Companies like Google would never have gotten to where they are today without it. This puts a little more sway into the company, rather than the people making advertising possible, which will result in better advertisement placement.