In a press release issued today, performance memory manufacturer GeIL has announced the release of one the fastest DDR-2 memory modules available to date. The announcement from Taiwan brings news of the addition to GeIL's DDR-2 "Ultra Series", which is coupled with two independent performance profiles. Which performance profile is used is based on the type of system it is placed in. With a stock "safe-mode" setting, the new modules will run at 1066MHz with a CAS latency of 5, which is used for Intel boards (called the "Intel Enhanced Parameter") or boards unable to handle the higher performance mode.

The higher performance mode (called the "AMD Enhanced Parameter") for the stick leaves it capable of running at 1200MHz and a CAS latency of 4, truly an impressive speed. This setting is designed for AMD-based motherboards. The press released said the modules were pre-tested on the Asus AM2 M2N-32 Deluxe, using an AMD FX-62. The module is available in two sizes, both 1GB (GX21GB8500UDC) and 2GB (GX22GB8500UDC). These are some of the first high-end modules we are seeing that do not offer a 512MB size, signaling the greater demand for machines with 2GB or more RAM in them. The actual date of availability was not included in the press release.