Google Mobile has come to Europe! Already available in the US, the service allows users to access Google News and Gmail via their mobile phones, and is now being launched across the UK, France, Germany and Spain. Google News provides users with the latest news on Business, Science/Tech, Sports, Health, and Entertainment - which is now available from their mobile phone's browser. Users can also visit through the web browser on their mobile and sign in to their Gmail account in exactly the same way they would on their home computers.

It's not exactly an easy task duplicating the experience and appearance of online services like Gmail and Google News on a tiny mobile phone screen, but Google have pulled it off. The same easy-to-use and uncluttered style of interface has been duplicated well, and Google News looks set to become the de facto news site for most mobile internet users.

Mr Nishar denied that offering Gmail, Google News and a personalised Google homepage regardless of which mobile network a customer uses, is an attempt to further sideline the mobile phone companies. Google has partnerships in the mobile space with several operators including T-Mobile and Vodafone and handset makers such as Motorola and SonyEricsson. "We think this actually enhances our relationship with operators and device manufacturers," he said. "Because it gives consumers yet another reason to consume mobile data services." While the services are being offered by Google free, users will be charged for data calls made to access them by their mobile network.