The official PlayStation 3 website is now online with all the information Sony wants you to know about the PlayStation 3 in a one-stop location. A little thin on content at present, the site does offer some pics of the new console and some tech specs as well.

Meanwhile, Sony has released information that indicates that games for the next generation console will cost $59 on the high end to $39 on the low end. However, there are rumours around that some games for the next-generation system could be priced higher than the $59.99 point. Critics of the console are likely to regard this as fresh ammunition, but it seems doubtful that prices will be much higher than those expected.

"So, what I can say now is, I think it would be a bit of a stretch to think that we could suddenly turn around and say "PS3 games now $99.99" I don't think the consumers expect the software pricing to suddenly be double," Hirai told Playstation Magazine.
Meanwhile, Sony has been defending the high price of the Blu-ray enabled PlayStation 3. Sony CEO Howard Stringer claims that whilst the price is high ($499 and $599 models will be available) what the consumer is paying for is potential. He also made mention of the high specs of the consoles, and that the pricier $599 version features a larger hard drive and full 1080p-capable HDMI outputs. Nevertheless, the hefty price tag may put many consumers off. We shall see.