Netgear has announced the launch of the 200 Mbps Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter - a device which enables users to connect a personal computer, digital video recorder, game console or other Ethernet-ready device to the home network over ordinary power lines. Think of the possibilities!

Both Netgear's 200-Mbps Powerline HD Adapter (model HDX101) and an associated kit (the HDXB101) are based on the Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2) chipset, and are compliant with the Universal Powerline Association specification. The kit features encrypted security and unprecedented data rates, and ensures that video and gaming traffic is prioritized above everything else.

The kit comes with two Powerline HD Ethernet Adapters (HDX101), an Ethernet cable, and set-up CD. One Adaptor is plugged into a router, while the other is plugged into any other Ethernet-ready device to enable speeds of up to 200Mbps.
Prices are $129.99 for a single adapter and $249.99 for a kit of 2 adapters. Note that a switch/router is still required, as this equipment is meant to eliminate the need to run Ethernet cable throughout the home.