Scott Steinberg, America executive of SEGA has claimed that the high price of the PlayStation 3 is a matter of concern. The prices of the PS3 - US$499 for the 20GB model, and US$599 for the 60GB version - are what Steinberg claims as too expensive for a lot of families to afford.

Nevertheless, Steinberg does contend that the prices are within expectations - the PS3 is, after all, a very powerful and impressive device indeed. He believes that the consoles will sell out despite their hefty price tag. But he also believes that Nintendo's policy of producing its cheaper Wii console is likely to meet with greater success.

"Definitely, the [price] is a concern, but globally the brand is so strong that when you think about the marketplace in Japan, North America and Europe, Sony has been the clear winner. So there's a lot of marketing momentum and sales momentum that they're going to absolutely carry into the PS3."
Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot claims to be optimistic about the prospects for the consoles, but believes that the devices will have to drop in price by 2007. Speaking to business news agency Bloomberg, Guillemot claimed that the price point could be a major stumbling block.