Seagate today announced the release of another 1TB NAS-style unit. Rather than home use, this one has the intended destination of a small office. Seagate's first Maxtor product release since their acquisition will be the Shared Storage II, a tiny unit with two behemoth hard drives inside at 500GB a piece. It has an ethernet interface capable of gigabit speeds, a noticeable jump over a FireWire or USB connection, and will cost around $900 to begin with. Of course, that 1TB of space becomes only 500GB if you decide to use mirroring (and what self-respecting tech wouldn't?), making it a fairly easy and light backup unit. The cost isn't all that much more than the drives themselves are, so it may be a very viable option for an office that needs more data retention capacity. You can read the full press release at Seagate's site.