As manufacturers see gamers and enthusiasts more and more as a target market, the products we see at the high end become all the more feature-rich and flashy. Lately, ASUS has crafted a new series of boards specifically for high-performance gaming, dubbed the ”Republic of Gamers” series. ROG starts out with the “Crosshair” motherboard, which comes fully loaded with configuration and ease of use options that any gamer can appreciate.

The features include very nifty things such as the LCD poster, which is essentially a POST card built into the motherboard. This can make tweaking and adding high-end components much easier, and make the system quicker to troubleshoot. It supports 8-phase power, definitely the direction all high end boards are taking for stable overclocks and overall better CPU health. It has a rich assortment of other features, and is definitely worth a look. ASUS has long been known for making top-tier boards, and from the looks of this beast I doubt it will disappoint.