BSkyB has launched a new broadband internet access service, known as Sky Broadband, which will be made available to customers of its digital satellite TV service. There are in fact three different broadband products, Sky Broadband Base, Mid and Max, which offer a service ranging from speeds of 2Mb to 16Mb for just £10 a month.

Customers will be able to choose from three different packages - Sky Broadband Base, Mid and Max - depending on their requirements. The free service, 'Base', will offer download speeds of up to 2Mb and a download cap of 2Gb a month. 'Mid' will cost £5, offering 8Mb speed and 40Gb usage, while 'Max' boasts a 16Mb connection and unlimited downloads for just £10 a month.
Currently being rolled out across the UK, the service is ultimately expected to pass more homes than the entire cable industry by early next year. Sky's network now covers 28 per cent of UK households, but by next year their network should be able to reach 70% of all UK homes. This has all been made possible thanks to the company’s purchase of telecoms company Easynet last year.

Sky is offering new customers a free wireless router, 12 months' free McAfee Security and a home installation.