Recently, we've had some pieces on how people are reacting to the newer browsers hitting the market, most especially IE7 and FireFox 2. Now we have another way to look at them, with a direct feature comparison of the top 3 browsers, including Opera 9. Opera 9 is different from the other two in that it's next-gen release is already here and ready to be used. There's a good feature graph on the second page, but the article continues and goes into much better detail, highlighting each browsers strong points in bullet lists.

Just like yesterday's review, they were dissapointed with FireFox's built in anti-phishing tool. Being that it just recently entered public beta, likely improvements will be made. I was surprised to learn that IE7 will not have the ability to pause downloads. The review is quite thorough and even provides screenshots of configurations. If you're a total browser nut and really do want to try all three, this is a must read.