Normally when you hear about a recall on a battery, it's due to the defective part having some small chance to explode or otherwise have a meltdown. It is novel, then, to see Apple recalling some of their MacBook Pro series batteries for performance concerns. Apparently, some of the batteries used in the 15" model MacBook Pro are functionally just fine, but do not last as long as they should or work efficiently as they should. The laptops affected are those sold after February of this year to May of this year. If you happen to own one of these laptops, you can check for yourself to see if you would be affected:

The affected batteries apply to model number A1175 and have a 12-digit serial number ending in U7SA, U7SB or U7SC, according to Apple's advisory.
This is a recall that is much easier to take than, say, a laptop bursting into flames during a conference. Kudos to Apple for having more than just immediate threats in mind.