nVidia's next chipset with IGP for the AM2 platform is expected to launch by the end of this month. The MCP61S will bring together the Northbridge and Southbridge into a single chip, and will be the eventual replacement for the GeForce 6100 IGP series. With a single chip going onto a board, prices to manufacture a board around it are expected to drop. As the article brings out, it would be a perfect fit for future transitions to laptops as well:

In addition, plans are in the works for a notebook version of the MCP61S IGP chipset, according to the makers. The all-in-one product would be a perfect solution for slim-profile notebooks with much less power consumption when compared to general models based on the two-chip design, said the makers.
Typically, IGP is something used primarily in office environments, the exact opposite of where you'd expect to find an nVidia chipset. However, with moves like this, that may change.