Google has rubbished rumours that it is planning to get into the online music business. The Internet search giant has said that it will not be opening the rumoured "Gtunes" store - an announcement that has been most welcomed by existing online music retailers. Speaking at the annual NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) conference, Chris Sacca, head of business development for Google, said that the company had no plans to begin selling online music.

Rumours have been going around about such a Google online music service for some time. Stories abounded about a Google rival to Apple's iTunes Music Store, and speculation of such a move on Google’s part deepened as the company moved into selling music videos from Sony BMG via Google Video. But now, after disappointing Google video sales, the company appears to be putting plans to sell music online on hold indefinitely.

Sacca does claim, however, that there exists for Google an opportunity to get involved in the provision of a digital music ecosystem, where for example consumers can move content from the home to the car and between devices with the minimum of hassle.

He said: "Once again there is an opportunity [to improve] ease of use," likening it to the way Napster transformed search and discovery, and Apple revolutionised portability and shopping. "But to really grasp this takes a certain amount of humility to look beyond your walls," he added.