In the continuing tradition of scammers going after the most popular software and services to try and rip people off, a relatively new scam has been targeting Turkey Skype users. In particular, it is a piece of malware disguising itself as an installer for Skype. Once executed, it turns the machine into a password-harvesting device, actively sending emails filled full of compromised passwords and logins from IM, FTP, email and other programs back to the maker. The distinguishing factor for this attack was its non-english destination:

Malicious emails punting the bogus offer were intercepted by net security firm SurfControl earlier this week. Malware posing as Skype software is rare but not unprecedented. This attack is doubly unusual because most malware solicitations are written in English. By targeting Turkish users of Skype, ne'er do wells have developed a niche-form of social engineering attack targeting an audience that's less familiar with malware.
This of course shows that scammers don't really care where you are, they will try to rip you off just the same.