Despite the increased pressure from Microsoft to come out with something amazing, Sony is still fumbling a bit with the PS3. Lately, two additional titles planned for the PS3 have been cancelled. The titles, “Dark RPG” and “Black Blade” were both being developed by FROM Software. Given that FROM wasn't willing to comment on the cancellation, it probably was something bitter between Sony and them. This is in addition to other cancellations Sony has seen recently, leaving some a bit disheartened about the PS3 release. Even if your console is the best thing since sliced bread, without games nobody will bother. I for one hope Sony can still get a good library of great games ready for it, because I am not willing to put down a large chunk of money for something with a microscopic game selection. To their credit, they have well over 100 titles planned.

The two games in question were for the Japanese release, and initially announced in 2005. FROM Software is also developing Armored Core 4, a mech sim game.