A combined research project between the Hubbell Group, the RBC Capital Markets company and several technology companies at a recent conference has revealed some very interesting details regarding the way people treat computer security. With the increasing risk of identify theft coming from information being stolen off a lost PC, people are changing their attitudes from seeing PCs are fortresses of trustworthiness. The survey of 1,000 people found out interesting things such as:

Almost 40 percent of respondents said their personal computer at work is not a secure device.
And the sad part is, they are probably right. Too many companies and too many people do not take the proper steps to properly secure a computer. The education required is minimal, but like all machines it is important to have some level of knowledge, for your own safety, before you start moving along. The full release can be seen below. Some more interesting discoveries, that we have seen other corresponding evidence from in other studies and other countries, was the increase of a work computer being used for non-work activities, like online purchases or music. Of course ,the sample group for this study is rather small at only 1000. More detailed data would be quite welcome.