We all know that Apple in general frowns upon people releasing early information. A while back when people released information on OS X before it was in final release, Mr. Jobs went ape on us. That being said, he probably isn't too happy about the latest news tidbit surrounding the iTunes Movie Studio. According to the article, we'll be able to download movies from Lions Gate Studios by the end of this year, with more to soon follow:

CEO Jon Feltheimer also went on to say that the studio has announcements planned with at least two other heavy hitters in the industry. For all we know, one of them could be Microsoft as it has been rumored that the Redmond-based companies has been trying to lure movie studios to provide content for its Zune portable media player.
While I really don't like the idea of a DRM-sealed movie available only at certain times of night with a special player when the moon is shining just right, full-quality digital movies are definitely going to be big and it is exciting to see the first set of technologies emerge for them (in the legal sense). If Jobs has his way, you'll be able to get a movie for $9.99 U.S. A lot cheaper than buying a DVD, and even cheaper than buying 2 tickets for a theater. This news isn't set in stone, of course, and we all know how quickly things can change.