Rumours that Oracle is to create its own version of Linux are seemingly not likely to find realisation any time soon, according to JBoss founder Marc Fleury, who told about 50 investors at Red Hat's annual shareholders meeting last week that there's little reason for Red Hat or Oracle to disrupt their currently good relationship.

Rumours had abounded that Oracle was due to release their own version of the Linux operating system, or was indeed about to buy both JBoss and Novell. The move would have set up a skirmish between Red Hat and Oracle in the Linux arena.

Many have commented that if Oracle were to produce their own Linux OS, it would be difficult for the database software company to compete in that market. Red Hat has invested a considerable amount of time and money building partnerships with hardware manufacturers and software resellers, as well as developing the patches and security updates that make Red Hat Linux the strong product that it is. Nevertheless, Oracle spokesperson Bob Wynne had no comment about the rumours or any plans that the company had for Linux. In the end, anything is possible.