We're all well aware that one of the areas Nintendo plans to really win on with the release of the Wii will be its price compared to other consoles We've heard a variety of rumors, including one promising that it will be below $250. According to EA, they believe the console will hit the shelves for a mere $170, which is a shadow of the price of the Xbox 360 and the upcoming PlayStation 3. EA's VP had this to say about it:

"Nintendo has come up with a very clever strategy," Gardner told GamesIndustry.biz, adding that he thinks the pricing would allow consumers to own two consoles. "They've made a choice which is great for the consumer. Now we're going to have a choice whereby consumers can buy a Wii, plus one other console."
For all the criticism Nintendo faces over Wii, including the hardware it will ship with, if they can push it for that price they will be able to reach a vast amount of people that the other consoles can't.