Lite-On has earned a reputation for being able to offer low-cost but reliable optical drivers, perfect for the enthusiasts who piece together systems themselves. Often using the same OEM drives as other large manufacturers, typically they can offer the same featureset that more expensive drivers offer. Lately, Lite-On has revealed that they will soon be offering Blu-ray burners. Starting with a 2x write speed and capable of burning writeable-once and rewriteable media, the “LX-2B1U” will be an external model for USB 2.0. It will have a brother model, “LH-2B1S”, which will be an internal drive with a SATA interface.

Supposedly the drives will start shipping before the end of the year, and both will also be able to burn DVD media, but not CD media. As for cost? While the article doesn't mention pricing, Lite-On may get a chance to offer them at the lowest price point yet for BluRay drives. Although I personally will still wait until prices are in the sub-$200 range, it may open up a door for many who want to get BluRay sooner rather than later.