In response to user feedback during the beta, Microsoft is updating the interface for Office 2007. Set to hit the shelves a short time after the launch of Vista, the new iteration of Office will likely have a very large presence in work environments. Given the lack of this sort of feedback mechanism in the past, it is encouraging to see Microsoft actually responding to user input. Especially for people looking to upgrade from 2000 or 2003, the last thing needed is for support lines to be overwhelmed with confused users. The complain in question revolved around the new office ribbon:

Office 2007 has ditched the traditional drop-down menu approach of most Windows applications in favour of the ribbon, which displays functions in new categories such as Home, Insert and Mailing in a strip across the top of the screen.
People were concerned with how much space it took up on screen. The choice to slim it down via hiding will be available. Some people criticize the decision to forgo the use of the traditional menus for ribbons, claiming it makes the software look bloated.