Samsung has started mass production of 1 Gb DDR DRAM memory chips based on the 80 nanometre process technology. The chips are 36 per cent smaller than their predecessors, which were produced using a 90-nanometre technology. The company has, since March, been manufacturing 512 Mb chips using an 80-nm process, but these are the first 1 Gb chips. These chips will be used to create the 4 GB fully buffered Dual In-line Memory Module (DIMM), as well as 2GB SODIMMs. The company is now producing all densities of DDR2 DRAM at the 80nm node.

1 Gb DRAM chips are commonly stacked in high-capacity DRAM modules for use in servers that require large amounts of RAM. New 1 Gb DRAM chips that are needed to create a 4 GB module will now be created without the need of chip stacking, which the company claims will simplify the production process, as well as lowering costs and enhancing overall electrical properties.