New free software download Browzar uses components already installed on your PC to provide browsing while ensuring no data is kept on your browsing session. The brainchild of the founder of Freeserve, Ajaz Ahmed, Browzar immediately deletes cookies - even session cookies - as well as history, cache and bookmarks. Quite useful, don't you think, especially for environments such as Internet cafes and shared computers.

But the application has been branded "adware" by many because it directs web searches to online adverts. Some experts are also claiming that the software does not really work, and does not really do what it says it does.

Browzar is a free Internet Explorer shell and is currently in beta. The default home page, which cannot be changed is the Browzar search engine. When a user searches many of the results are for sponsored links or adverts from the ad serving outfit Overture.

According to Scott Hanselman, of Computer Zen, Browzer's ability to hide has been over stated too. He claims to have been able to find records of websites he had visited with the program installed.
Browzar's developers say they are examining the feedback but strongly deny that the software is adware. Ajaz Ahmed claims that like every search engine, Browzar has sponsored advertising. "This is not adware at all," he said.