The impressive Core 2 Duo, which has yet failed to disappoint, will now have an expanded presence in the Apple world. Starting with the next iteration of the iMac, the machines will be equipped with Core 2, and start at around $1000 for a 1.83Ghz model (17 inch). That's a noticeable price dip from where they were before when they used the original Core CPUs. The higher-end 24" model, new to the iMac line, is going to be twice that and higher, with a pricetag of $2249 for a 2.33GHz model. Other non-iMac models will get an upgrade as well:

Apple's announcement was not limited to iMacs. Its Mac Mini budget desktop was given a processor upgrade too--from an Intel Core Solo to a Core Duo--not the new Core 2 Duo. The box-shaped Mac Minis, which come without a monitor, are now $599 for a 1.66GHz model and $799 for 1.83GHz version.
More news is expected from Apple in terms of hardware upgrades this month.