Neowin co-founder and friend, Steven Parker recently wrote a few observations regarding one of the most criticized features on Windows Vista, UAC (User Account Control) or as he likes to call it "Universally Annoying Creation." Indeed, I have had a few experiences of my own with Vista builds starting with Beta 1, 2 and now Release Candidate 1, and while noticeable improvements have been made, the power user sure could use a bypass of most of these obtrusive dialogs.

That is exactly what he proposes, after all the OS still has a few months for correcting bugs and delivering the best experience possible to the end user once the software ships to the masses early next year.

When installing Vista, the user should be prompted when creating the account "Would you like to disable UAC on your account?" I mean I'm installing it in the first place, I know Windows has been made so easy that anyone can install it, but I do think that UAC should be account specific, that would allow me to have a UAC-free environment and anyone else I choose to allow an account for on my PC might have a UAC protected account.