We recently learned that VisionTek was offering 256MB and 512MB versions of the Radeon X1600XT for those still stuck with AGP systems. We found this to be quite interesting as all other manufacturers only offer X1600 Pro cards, and also because NVIDIA recently started offering their GeForce 7600GS to AGP users, too.

The average AGP version of the 7600GS retails for roughly $140, which to be honest is a little rich when compared to the PCIe versions. To my surprise this is nothing next to the VisionTek X1600XT AGP, which costs a staggering $220 (256MB) or $280 for the 512MB version. Keeping in mind that PCIe X1600XT cards cost ~$120, it is hard to believe VisionTek is asking this much premium for their AGP board.

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