More news on Apple's potential overhaul of iTunes to allow it to include movies, supposedly the expected changes are closer than ever. Apple, of course, still refuses to confirm the deal, but I can't see a single reason why they wouldn't, especially with the success that online TV show downloading has seen. Many producers and movie studios have already signed agreements with other companies to allow this, such as Warner Bros. While tight lipped currently, Apple is expected to loosen up soon:

But the "showtime" part of the Apple press conference is expected to be an announcement that Apple has secured deals with movie studios to distribute films through the iTunes music store. A listing for a $9.99 movie on the iTunes store was spotted in March, and an executive from movie studio Lions Gate said in August that his company had cut a distribution deal with Apple's iTunes. Also, BusinessWeek reported in August that Lions Gate and Walt Disney--where Apple CEO Steve Jobs now occupies a spot on the board of directors--are first in line to sell movies on iTunes for $9.99 to $14.99.
iTunes has proven to be more than just a success, and for better or worse is likely going to only get larger. It seems a very logical step to begin including other media, such as movies, in the available content.