Cells are nearly ubiquitous in many countries now, with often people living in areas considered rural having just as much cell access as they would in a large city. Increasingly people have been turning to phone companies for high speed data plans that give them abilities far beyond a phone call or a text message. As it has gotten cheaper, 3G has seen explosive growth. Companies like Verizon are being credited with the push. Apparently, with current figures at around 167 Million people with a high speed data connection through their phone, some expect that number to hit 1 billion in four years, despite those who have bad things to say about it:

"3G still has its detractors, but it is starting to make a significant contribution to the wireless market place," David Kerr, analyst for Strategy Analytics, said in a statement.
The article mentions China and India as the next largest countries likely to roll out 3G on a nationwide basis. Many cell companies even offer broadband connections to a 3G capable phone.