Piracy is no joke in China. While in most Western countries, lawsuits for piracy and jailtime are relatively rare, the Government of China has for a long while been very aggressive in hunting down and stopping piracy. Most recently, a 100-day struggle has seen 8,907 shops shut down, nearly 1000 websites shut down, many publishing companies and more. This resulted in over 13 million CDs and DVDs being confiscated and destroyed. But does it work? According to them, yes:

"These two centres provided over 90 per cent of all pirated compact disks to the city residents, said Wang Hongyu, head of Shenyang Anti-Pirated Enforcement Team. But now you can hardly find any pirated products there."
Maybe that can't truly stop piracy, but they are definitely trying. Are aggressive tactics like this feasible elsewhere in the world? Or could the Chinese government expect retaliation from these sorts of actions?