nVidia has seen very little bad press lately, so it's somewhat disheartening to hear that they are now the target of a patent infringement lawsuit. Scanner Technologies is taking nVidia to court over a piece of manufacturing equipment, namely one that helps inspect BGA sockets for quality, that uses 3D imaging to make it more thorough. While we don't normally think of nVidia as a company involved heavily in manufacturing outside of GPUs, they are a worldwide company that has many ties to various industries, so it doesn't surprise me to hear of them building equipment such as this. Whether or not nVidia infringed on any patents will be up to the courts, and currently they have not yet responded to the allegations:

So far, NVIDIA has not responded to the suit. However, president and CEO of Scanner Technologies Elwin Beaty said "Scanner has been developing, manufacturing and selling vision equipment for the semiconductor industry since 1990.
Scanner Technologies is a rather small company, so it is difficult to guess at this point whether their claim has any real basis or if they are just trying to gouge nVidia. Time will tell.