Far Cry fans out there will definitely be excited to see the new screenshots and details on the latest Far Cry game to be released on the Nintendo Wii platform. Ubisoft has recently released details on the game's storyline. This time Jack Carver returns to his hometown in Micronesia and just when he thinks he has found paradise, he gets seduced by a woman and finds himself tangled in a mess. Everyone is after him for a crime he did not commit.

The Wii control and the nunchuck will let you interact with the game like never before, among the things you will be able to do you have throwing grenades, swimming, diving, jumping, shooting, climbing, balancing, etc. You will also be able to ride jet skis and hovercrafts. This game promises to unleash the animal within.

On a related note, Ubisoft seems to be very upset regarding a recent information leak about their future game releases. It appears that a wondering Internet surfer stumbled upon a folder in their public FTP server filled with confidential information regarding upcoming games like FarCry 2, FarCry PSP, FarCry Wii, Lost, Naruto, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell 5, Star Wars PSP and a few more. The info has been eliminated from the server but not before the wonderer posted it on the Web.

This is what Ubisoft had to say, "We are clearly displeased that confidential information from Ubisoft has been distributed on the Internet. The publication of this type of information can only be harmful to the game development process and we will take all steps necessary to prevent this from happening in the future. We are still investigating the events that lead to this information leak and at this time have no further comment."