While the risk of explosion and fire is scaring some, it isn't even shaking HP. They have opted to not recall batteries that are potentially from the same bad batch that other companies are recalling from. With close to 8 million batteries being pulled off the market from many vendors, and Sony being willing to accept these batteries and work with the companies to fix the situation, you think it would be a no-brainer. True, the chance of a battery failing are minuscule: 47 cases worldwide so far. HP believes their own “quality check” is enough to exclude that minuscule number:

Although HP can't say for sure, since it doesn't have all the information from Sony, it believes the problematic batteries were among those that did not meet its quality standards, Hockey says. About 1 million to 2 million HP laptops currently have the Sony battery parts. No overheating problems have been reported, he says.
That's a dangerous bet to make, especially since all it takes is one case.