News Corp. has announced that it is to launch a new service to offer full episodes of its television shows on This will include such shows as "Prison Break", "Justice" and "Bones".

"Leveraging this unique opportunity with our sister company FOX enables us to experiment and innovate and deliver some of the most compelling video experiences online to consumers," Ross Levinsohn, Fox Interactive Media president, said in a statement.
These episode showings will include advertisements from Burger King, Toyota, and Lions Gate films. The broadband player will also offer access to primetime shows that will be pre-empted by Fox’s presentation of the Major League Baseball play-offs, and the World Series.

Many television networks are now interested in offering their shows online and over Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes service, since there are a growing number of people who split their time between their computer, cell phone and TV screens. The future of broadcasting most certainly lies in the Internet, and as such we may see an increasing number of such offerings in future.