A lot of questions have come up recently regarding what modifications ATI will make to their roadmaps for new hardware, now that they are owned by AMD. Those questions have been answered, and ATI has now detailed the roadmaps for next year's hardware. They released information on the planned RS690 and RS690C, as well as some future chipsets, including the RD790, RX790, RS790 and RS740.

Interestingly, the RD480 chipset is going to be designated as a “value” chipset, and will be destined for the sub-$100 market. That's going to make even CrossFire supporting RD480 motherboards very cheap, perhaps one of the cheapest you could snag. The RD580 series will still be quite a bit higher, still competing with nVidia's 570. Their RS790 integrated graphics chipsets will support DirectX 10, and the lower-priced RS740 will be a DirectX 9 component. All of these are slated for release starting this year out towards the end of next year.