Intel has updated their roadmaps as well this week, announcing the release of the Conroe-L and several other CPUs, including the Celeron D 400 series, over the course of the next year. With most new CPUs arriving in the latter half of next year, there will be some low-end E1000 series that will be the “value” line, and some CPUs will start being phased out:

In Q3’07 Intel will phase out the Pentium 4 HT 651, 641 and 631. Conroe-L Pentium E1000 series will replace the elder Cedar Mill based processors. Also arriving in Q3’07 is the Conroe-L based Celeron D 400 series. It is unknown how many speed grades and model numbers the Celeron D 400 series will initially launch with
As the older 6xx series begins to die out, likely vendors will try to exhaust their supplies. That could mean some very low prices on older hardware. The same will likely to happen to the 8xx and 9xx series . It seems every time either AMD or Intel makes a slight change, the other is quick to follow. Competition is in full blaze between them, and hopefully it will benefit us as the consumers greatly.