AMD has given us a release date for their 65nm “Tyler” revision cores, set to appear in 2007. Tyler, which is a revision to the existing AMD offerings, is the first 65nm offering that will made available from them. Along with eventually bringing the price down and driving potential clock speeds up, the new Turions based on this core will dissipate 35W and 25W, ideal for a laptop. The newer chips will also officially support DDR2-800 speeds, and support 100MHz per second granularity. All of this is supposed to be on the shelves before the second half of next year, excluding the Sempron, which will not see production until the latter half of the year. The 25W models will be single-core only, which may take a hit from the mobile Core 2 Duos assuming Intel still works towards their promise of CPUs that are under 10W draw.