Network components manufacturer D-Link has confirmed that some 7,200 Broadband Router and Adapter bundles have been stolen on their way to the company’s European Logistic Centre. The company is appealing to the public for help in tracking down the thousands of stolen wireless router kits, which are believed to have a combined value of £350,000.

A lorry containing the router kits was stolen from a Kent trading estate last month. The stolen units can be identified by means of their serial numbers, which D-Link has provided a list of. Alternatively, the stolen goods can be identified by their model number (DWL-922/E) and UPC Code (790069285479).

Kent Police said on Friday they had arrested five men from North and East London in relation to the theft. It is now believed that the kits are being sold on internet auction sites at a heavily reduced price. The company confirmed that it would still offer standard product support to customers who buy the stolen routers.

The company said in a statement: "This theft is not only a financial loss to D-Link but more importantly causes confusion in the channel and to the market, which is why the stolen goods have to be located as soon as possible."

It added: "We encourage the public not to purchase, sell or resell these products."