Another 28,000 laptop batteries are destined for the recycle bin, as Sharp begins a recall of packs that they sold. Barely a drop in the bucket compared to the millions currently already being recalled, it doesn't appear that Sharp has had incidents of failure, but wishes to err on the side of caution:

Sharp is recalling 28,000 battery packs. "We decided to recall the batteries to ensure safety for our customers," company spokesman Hiroshi Takenami told the Australian Associated Press. The recall was made when the company discovered the batteries could short-circuit, which could lead to overheating.
Sony's worldwide effort to collect the batteries is underway, which includes financial support in the actual process. However, now there are talks of further compensation being demanded from the affected companies, due to potential missed sales, product image, potential lawsuits and perhaps more. We've yet to see a serious backlash from any of the affected companies (or individual customers for the matter), and it seems a long time overdue. Could that be about to change?