McDonalds is probably the last place on earth I'd consider buying an mp3 player through. However, just about no one is going to turn down a free mp3 as part of a contest. Together with Coke, the fast food giant had a contest that resulted in 10,000 mp3 players being shipped to people around the world. There was a catch, though, and it was a catch that not even Coke or McDonalds expected. Each of the 10,000 units was infected with a trojan. Loaded with QQPass, a password-stealing beast, apparently all it may take is plugging it into a machine to become compromised. The article is very light on information, and from the looks of it, this may have been a regional contest for Asia or perhaps Japan. I'd definitely like to hear more. How, exactly, does a brand new product pass QA with a virus attached?