The lawsuits over filesharing are beginning to spread worldwide now. British based IFPI has filed over 8.000 lawsuits against ISPs for violations of copyright due to filesharing, in countries such as Argentina, Iceland and Singapore. Straight from the horses mouth, regardless of the merits of filesharing, a spokesperson for the IFPI had this to say:

"Today sees the escalation of [our] campaign to show that file-sharing copyrighted music does carry real legal risks," said John Kennedy, chief executive of the IFPI.
Of course, it was his own company that filed the lawsuits. Copyright laws vary greatly from country to country, but often countries will respect each others laws concerning matters of this nature. Will such be the case when people in Argentina hear about their Internet access being cut off due to a lawsuit from Britain? Places like Napster and iTunes offer legal music downloads, but those companies aren't associated with big labels like RIAA and IFPI. One wonders what solution they would provide, aside from “more lawsuits”.