Sony is attempting to inform the public through an official press release on the progress they are making to recall all defective batteries around the world. The Japanese giant has confirmed that the faulty battery packs are the ones shipped with battery cells (2.4Ah, 2.6Ah) manufactured by Sony during the August 2003 – February 2006 period. That’s almost three years worth of defective units, which translates into 3.5 million batteries, not counting the previous ones recalled by Dell, Apple and Lenovo.

“For those customers and PC users who may have been affected by the recent issues involving Sony-manufactured batteries, we regret any inconvenience or concern this may have caused,” said Yutaka Nakagawa, executive deputy president, Sony Corporation. “We are confident that our voluntary global battery replacement program will address any remaining concerns or needs of our customers and consumers.”

How much will this cost Sony? Well, if their worst case scenario of 9.6 million batteries recalled comes true, it would cost the company 51 billion yens. That is about 430 million USD, a lot of money indeed.