Adding to the growing list of companies submitting to the worldwide recall, Gateway has announced that they'll be recalling 35,000 batteries from many of their newer model notebooks. Starting from notebooks sold in September 2005, the Gateway models CX200, CX210, E100M, M250, M255, M280, M285, M465, M685, MP8708, NX260, NX510, NX560, NX860, NX10, MX1025, MX6918b and MX1020j are affected.

Gateway is directly participating in Sony's program and as such won't incur any direct costs themselves, and anyone with a defective unit will have it replaced for free. If you happen to own one of the above affected models, it's probably in your best interest to get your replacement battery. You can read the official announcement and check to see if your laptop is eligible on Gateway's site using their exchange tool.