Lik-Sang, a popular online gaming retailer from Hong Kong, has been forced to close its doors due to legal actions Sony has pressed against them, or so they say. Sony alleged that the game retailer infringed trademarks, copyright and registered design rights by selling PSP game consoles from Asia to Europe, and backed these allegations by saying the they are protecting the final consumers from “hardware that does not conform to strict EU or UK consumer safety standards, due to voltage supply differences et cetera.” Lik-Sang on the other hand stated that all the game consoles shipped to Europe have a CE seal and meet worldwide standards. Furthermore, they added that all PSPs shipped come with a genuine Sony 100V-240V AC Adapter.

“Today is Sony Europe victory about PSP, tomorrow is Sony Europe’s ongoing pressure about PlayStation 3. With this precedent set, next week could already be the stage for complaints from Sony America about the same thing, or from other console manufacturers about other consoles to other regions, or even from any publisher about any specific software title to any country they don’t see fit. It’s the beginning of the end... of the World as we know it", stated Pascal Clarysse, formerly known as the Marketing Manager of
Some of you may remember Lik-Sang from the old days, and how they began doing business in a larger scale, by selling modchips.