While sub-$100 laptops and other super-cheap computer products are interesting and hold a lot of potential for future markets, their lack of availability in places like the U.S. and Europe still leave a lot of people without a mobile computing device that could really use one. Students come to mind in particular. It was with great interest then that I heard about Dell's plan to unveil an AMD-based laptop coming this year that will sell for under $500. Starting with a 15.4” model, the full specifications have not yet been released:

Dell will target the low-end of the notebook market with its AMD models, with prices ranging from US$449-499 for a 15.4-inch model coming first, though a 17-inch model will be added in the first quarter of 2007, the notebook makers noted
AMD's part in this will be the production of 500,000 processors, most likely Sempron class. I would very much like to see detailed specifications on these machines.