In a press release issued today, Gateway announced the release of what they call the enthusiasts dream machine. Destined to become a continuing series of Gateway models, the FX530 Series will be specifically aimed at enthusiasts and those who want absolute extreme performance, most especially for games and media editing. The first of these desktops is offering an Intel Core 2 Duo or a Core 2 Extreme, coupled with dual Radeons. The fact Gateway is offering a performance PC isn't what is particularly interesting, after all you can get those at many places. What is interesting is that Gateway is actually offering stock overclocked processors, and even beyond that they will still honor the warranty on these overclocked systems:

Gamers will especially appreciate the fact that the Gateway FX530 can be purchased direct from Gateway with over-clocking capabilities. Fully tested and backed by a Gateway limited warranty(5), the Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 dual-core processor can be ordered over-clocked for maximum performance. Unlike most other major PC OEMs, Gateway will warranty the system, providing a previously unavailable level of reliability and support while delivering new performance heights.
That's really unheard of. Even CPU manufacturers themselves state that operating a CPU outside it's rated frequency voids your warranty, and many hardware manufacturers will refuse to replace your hardware if they find damage from overvolting or overclocking. Coupled with upgradeability such as compatibility with quad-core processors, it actually looks to be an ideal fit for someone wanting the best but not wanting to build it themselves. Gateway has been pretty silent for quite a while, so it is rather surprising to seem them now offering such high-end machines.