With a lot of fanfare today, on top of announcing the nForce 600 series, Nvidia also brought the much-lauded GeForce 8800 series to market. Already for sale at many different locations, the new 8800s offer configurations with a behemoth 640MB or 768MB of RAM, 640 for the GTS and 768 for the GTX. Already, many reviews are floating around the web showing what these new beasts can do. Of course, once again, the 8800s are looking to shine. In many benchmarks, especially at higher resolutions, the 8800 GTX is doubling what the 7900 GTX is capable of. While we're typically used to seeing incremental boosts, these ones are truly massive. Take a look for yourself at some of the reviews: THG, HardOCP, Anandtech, Guru3d.

But, of course, sitting at $600 the GTX isn't going to be an easy sale for most. But for hardcore enthusiasts, it's one chunk of card that truly does not disappoint. Across the board, people are impressed with the high performance and new featureset of these cards.