Is Nintendo beginning to feel the heat from Sony's PS3 launch? They'd never say so directly, but their recent actions seem to suggest it. Nintendo has recently announced a plan to put at least $200 Million into marketing the Wii console. Appealing to a large market is tough, and requires a large cash flow, and they intend to use it:

"Our plan to market Wii broadly, with hands-on experiences, continues to pay off," said George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "Wii introduces new ways to play, to expand both the appeal of games and the audience of gamers. Our marketing campaign is central to that."
If you pay attention to popular media, you already know that Nintendo is making waves. The Wii has appeared on commercials, in the cartoon series South Park, on MySpace, in The Wall Street Journal and many other places. They are last to market for this generation of consoles. Is that a blessing, or a curse? They have always had a mass-market appeal that doesn't seem to follow the Xbox or the PlayStation, but they have lost ground to Microsoft and Sony for many years on the console front.