After many hushed whipsers and vague statements, we're starting to get some concrete roadmaps from AMD on what their plan for 65nm is. So far it looks like Brisbane core is expected in the coming weeks, starting with the 3800+ and working up to the 4400+, 4800+ and 5000+. Despite the varied performance ratings, all four chips will ship with the same TDP of 65W, indicating there is a lot of headroom in the process and we may see some very high clocked chips from them in the near future. The latter chips aren't going to be here until well in to next year. The 5200+ is stock at 2.7GHz, which is only 100MHz shy of AMD's current fastest-clocked 90nm chips.

They'll also be introducing some energy efficient lines for laptops, all of which still had the same TDP of 35W that existing chips have. 65W is a very nice number for a desktop, so it is nice to see AMD continuing to give us a chip usable on "silent" desktops without spending oodles on exotic cooling.