Initially only available in Eastern Asia, Lenovo today announced the release of several new desktop and notebook series. The Y-Series notebooks and Q/H Series desktops come in a variety of configurations, from both entry level to midrange. The H series opens up at $699, with an "antibacterial keyboard" of all things, designed to be a low end family system. The notebooks won't be arriving until December, and will start with 13" and 14" LCDs. They will come with GeForce Go 7300s, whereas the desktops will come with ATI Radeon X1300.

Some of the traditional "IBMesque" features are expanded in the Y series, including an optical login:

Though it integrates a Webcam above the display like many other contemporary portables, it has one cool feature which uses the camera in a novel way. Forget about biometric fingerprint scanning. The Lenovo Y300 allows one to login just by looking into the Webcam. By taking the distance between the eyes and nose, as well as several high points in one's facial features, the system can recognize authorized users and automatically logs in
Quite fascinating, and definitely a novel idea. Potential releases in other countries aren't mentioned in the articles.